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Kevin McGuinness

I was born in New York City in 1971 and raised as an IBM brat, touring the country.  As a kid, I lived in Philadelphia, Trenton, Jacksonville, Dallas and Chicago before landing in Westport, Ct at age 12 where I attended Staples High School, took photos, skate and snowboarded and went to hardcore shows at the infamous Anthrax club in Norwalk.  After graduation, my family continued their tour on to Toronto and then Boston while I majored in Economics at Pepperdine in Malibu CA.  My father had since left IBM for a career in finance and I thought that I would follow suit, but took a detour to Miami where I got into commercial production in early 1995 at the behest of a local Miami location scout and college friend of my twin Uncles Pat and Brian, Peter Kastan.

I had by then developed a strong film interest and had had the opportunity to sit in on an Avid session with a professor at Fitchburg State University when my father was producing a charity video for http://christmasinthecity.org in Boston.  I became more interested in post production as I gained more experience working in commercial production.  I then spent the better part of a year traveling through Southeast Asia and Australia, picking fruit for a few months in Western Australia and the Northern Territory before going to Indonesia.

Out of money, I landed at LAX with only quarters in my pocket.  Unable to stay in CA, I went back under my parent's roof in Boston, where I was a bartender at an early brewpub, before finally going back to Miami to work again in production.  In the summer of 1997 I drove from Miami to NY to work on a commercial job for Wendy's (my primary employer in Miami).  After that job, I drove cross country to Portland Oregon where I took a summer long Avid immersion class, taught by longtime editor Jamie Fowler.  At the 'Avid Feature Film Camp', we, the students, edited the documentary American Chain Gang.  I believe that that director, Xackery Irving earned some serious karma points for his patience with us in the process.


At the end of the summer of 1997, I drove South and landed back Malibu in my old Jeep Grand Wagoneer, this time with $125 left in my pocket, and crashed in a friend's basement (it was an old house, now gone) while I got my first post job at POP Television; one of the last great finishing houses, there I learned the whole post process.  At the end of 1997, I moved into Venice Beach, where I reside to this day.


POP was sold to what would become media giant Ascent Media, I left and took a job as an assistant editor for Spanish language commercial editor, Arturo Escobar.  There, I learned the client side of the post process and worked alongside such talent as DoP of The Revenant, Chivo.  I reluctantly left Arturo's office after almost a year to try to edit on my own, and during the dotcom boom, I fatefully found a job with a fledgling startup Surf Channel, where I would shoot and edit my own content.

Surf Channel went the way of many other companies of the era and dissolved.  I kept trying to work my way into commercial post by doing on set editing on a laptop, working with such directors as Paul Hunter, Andrew Douglas and Sam Bayer.  In the early 2000s, I edited several shorts, a very low budget feature, Machine, starring a budding Neal McDonough, as well as several skate videos, including the 60 minute The Blvd.  During this period I was also editing a lot of cable shows to keep the bills paid and in 2004 got my first full run on a reality show, working for Scott Messick on NASCAR Drivers 360 and then Big Brother.

For the past decade plus, I have been largely editing reality fare, including such shows as The Mole, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Swamp People, The X Factor, The Sisterhood of Hip Hop and She's Got Game. Please see my selected credits list or download my resumé for a more comprehensive list.  KMcG CV 0216

Over the years, I've also supplemented my TV work with development work, editing many pitches and several pilots.  Pilots that I've worked on that have gone to series include, Black Ink Crew for VH1, Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It for VH1 and Buzzin' for MTV.

In late 2007, I also became involved with a nascent startup that was setting out to build three wheeled outdoor elliptical bikes, the StreetStrider.  I made a quick pitch video for the company and within weeks we were negotiating a licensing deal with The Biggest Loser.  In the intervening years, the product has been featured on Dr. Oz, Pitchmen and Modern Family, and in the summer of 2015 on QVC. After over 8 years, while the company still isn't setting any sales records, I'm happy to report that it's still in business, despite our many hurdles.  www.streetstrider.com

In recent years, I have rekindled my interest in both documentaries and narrative story telling.  Recently, I had the good fortune to be an editor on Director Marah Strauch's Sunshine Superman, a 'found footage' feature doc about the founder of BASE jumping, Carl Boenish.  The critically acclaimed film premiered at TIFF, sold worldwide except for North America to Universal, had a theatrical run with Magnolia, is now playing on CNN and is available on iTunes: http://www.magpictures.com/sunshinesuperman/

I have also begun to move into more development, recently with Asylum Entertainment as well with my own projects as a producer.  In 2012, I attended the UCLA Professional Program in Producing with a couple of projects in mind to apply what I learned and after some time, these projects are now becoming a reality.  The projects that I am currently involved in in a producing capacity include: Finding Joseph I (http://hrdocumentary.com), a documentary about HR, the singer of my favorite band, Bad Brains; Dragonlands, a documentary about the founder of Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax, and as a writer/producer, a narrative adaptation of an Oscar winning doc to be made public in the Spring of 2016.